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My Story

Here are some pieces of my story, taken from the book I’m writing. Some areas are more detailed than others.. I tried to edit it down, so it still made sense, yet still had some detail.


After much thought, I have now come to the conclusion on what I think happened. Some of this is speculation since it happened so long ago.All I can guarantee as being 100% accurate is what happened the past 7-8 years. But, this is the absolute best answer I can come up with.


We Believe it all started when I was about 12 years old, (Yeah I know Ancient History!) I started getting leg pains.
We searched all over the whole internet trying to figure out why and every website we came across said ‘Growing pains’.
So we thought the leg pains were growing pains.
I can’t remember clearly, but I believe the pain was in both legs at the time? So my guess is that for the left leg it was growing pains and for the right it may have been something else.


When I was younger I used to play soccer. (2000-2001)
Growing up, I was always the smallest in my class, even though I was the oldest. In Soccer, it was no different. Even though I was the smallest in my soccer team, I was a rather aggressive player and wasn’t afraid of the ball, Nor was I afraid of the other girls who were twice as big as me. One fateful day I was playing against a team of girls who had some players at least twice my size. As I was going after the ball, one girl that was Much larger then I, decided to double back and kick my right leg as hard as she possibly could. Me being small, it was like a freight train hitting a small car.
I was left in the middle of the field, in extreme pain, as all the other girls went chasing after the ball. Where’s the Referee when you need him? They even had the nerve to yell at my dad when he ran out on the field to get me.


Anyways, I think the hit may have caused some damage to the leg and I think it’s highly likely that it caused scar tissue.


I don’t remember much more detail, other than icing it then wanting to go back out on the field.


(2003+) Over time my right leg got sensitive to being grabbed or bumped. If someone grabbed it or if it got bumped, it would send quick shooting pains through it. But not enough to really bug me, It was just a quick jolt. I was still able to do everything perfectly normal; Run, Jump, swim, and kick a ball.


(2004/2005) After awhile we went to a chiropractor. I asked his opinion and he pretty much just teased me about it. Saying “Oh yes you are deformed!” He didn’t think it was anything, but it still was rather hurtful to get teased about it!
But, After some time of going to him (and enough complaining on my part.) He did some testing and came to the conclusion that my legs were two different heights. So he prescribed a heel lift and scheduled a cat scan to see how much of a leg length difference there was. At the time my leg had a slight bump 2 or so inches away from my ankle.


(2005) We went to the cat-scan place and had my legs scanned.
They found that my right leg was 17 mm longer than my left.
My Chiropractor closely examined the cat-scan and looked at the areas of the leg that were bugging me. There was no white or anything suspicious looking, so quite sure of himself he said “Awe-ha! See that is the problem! Just wear this heel lift and it will get better. It’s not a tumor or cancer or anything, because it would show up on the scan as white.”
He also did some different treatments on me, one of which being a cold laser, it helped alot and everything seemed to be getting better.


After a few months, the chiropractor called and canceled the appointment. Because he had an emergency appointment that needed to come in my time slot and told us to call and reschedule later. We then forgot to call and reschedule because my leg felt pretty good.


How I was doing: I couldn’t kick a ball with my right leg anymore (too much of a jolt) at this point. Running was still possible and walking barefoot was also still possible.

(2006+) Over time my leg then slowly got worse.
The slightest bump to the ‘sore spot’, on my right leg, would cause me to collapse onto the floor and hold my breath for a moment as sharp pains shot up my leg.
Then after awhile, I would have to slowly get up and walk it off. Whenever that happened, it would make my leg act weak for a few hours. I wasn’t sure what it was doing, but now I know what it was, it was nerve pain.


How I was doing: at this point dancing was a strain but still possible. I couldn’t full out run anymore, But could do it if my leg was “being good”. I couldn’t walk barefoot, because my body was used to the heel lift.


After awhile my leg got fairly steady. I knew when it would hurt and what it would do.


Like clockwork, It would hurt in the morning until I “warmed it up” by carefully walking around a bit and after having my black tea. (I now know that caffeine has a strong effect on it, when I have it I can walk really well. It has to do with adrenalin & cortisol)


I knew if I bumped it what it would do and how I could make it “get over it-self”. I knew it would have a tremendous amount of pain, but I would have to get over it and slowly get myself to walk it off.
I knew It would work and it would only hurt a little while after.


I was really sad that I couldn’t go barefoot anymore, because I had to keep the lift in full time. (I got really off balance if I took the lift out of my shoe) The bump on my leg was in the same spot but the upper part started to bug a bit, about mid shin.


Here I will take a detour. In 2006 the area where my wisdom teeth were supposed to be coming in started to bug me. I then thought my wisdom teeth had become impacted because it was really swollen and sore, so we called the dentist who then referred us to a person who specialized in wisdom tooth removal.

We called him up and he had an appointment for the next day!
So we booked the appointment and went.


I was right, they had become impacted. So they made the appointment to remove them, less then a week later! (someone had just canceled their appointment..)Then a week later when we were on our way to the appointment, the Lord told my mom that he was going to be ‘bringing out hidden wisdom’ and that this appointment was symbolic. So my mom and I were excited to see what the Lord was talking about. But my mom was still extremely nervous about having me go under.


Then we stopped by the Drug store to pick up my anti-biotics.
I took them, but stopped a couple days short.


Since my grandma and mom were both into health in the past.
We knew anti-biotics were bad, though didn’t know the details, so I didn’t feel like finishing all of them.
Then I went to the dentist for a checkup and he said that it was getting infected. So I went on another round of anti-biotics.
This time it was a different type, I swear the liquid tasted like battery acid! I ended up getting a pill form, which I ended up finishing correctly.


We bought some probiotics from the store, but I never ended up taking them. Go figure, I was scared of them! (ugh!)


The Waters suddenly changed in late July 2007, when an unexpected lung issue arose. I stayed up all night one night barely able to breathe. But there was a breakthrough in the morning about 6am and I was able to kinda breathe.

It felt as if a bear had decided to lay down on top of my chest. I was quite panicked, but I was not feeling Bad enough to go to the Doctor. (in my opinion) So mom felt led to call the chiropractor and schedule an appointment so I could get an adjustment and figure out what was up.

Later that day we went and he did some different stuff on me and used a vibrater thing on my back. It kinda helped, but I felt terribly light headed from trying to take deep breaths.
This appointment was a little different than before. This time the Chiropractor was really worried about my leg, because the bump on it was big that day due to swelling. So we all decided that I should get an MRI of it to figure out just what it was. At the time I didn’t care squat about my leg, all I wanted to do is be able to breathe!
For a month or so I was barely able to eat because the lung thing made me have no appetite.
Unable to really eat much, I started losing weight really fast.
Which I didn’t need to do in any way shape or form!
(2007) After awhile the MRI appointment came up and we went to it. I sat for about an hour on this table thing with ear muffs on, going back and forth under some big huge machine.

The Results: My chiropractor got the Scans in, along with some doctor’s recommendation for treating whatever he said I had.
He said I had two tumors on my right leg, one on my shin which was really small and one on my lower leg that was much larger.
Where the larger one was, the bone had been eaten away a bit.
My chiropractor freaked out! He said if we didn’t do something right away he was going to report us to CPS and he wasn’t going to let us get around it.
At the time I was 17, with my 18th birthday coming up in a few months.
He wanted us to go RIGHT THEN down to the doctor and get a biopsy. At that moment, we were NOT feeling led to do that.
So my dad went down there and talked to the chiropractor in person. The chiropractor was livid that we didn’t go down to emergency right then and get a biopsy. But he and my dad agreed to make an appointment with another doctor so he could recommend me to a specialist.
Then the day came to go to a doctor guy. We went into his office and the first thing I noticed is that he was a very old dude and was not very professional and a little, Ok a lot, absent minded.
He brought us all into a back room and was trying to look at the scans by a table lamp. He didn’t even have one of those wall light things in the room we were in!
After about the 5th time of dropping my $500 MRI slides he asked us a few questions. One of which was “How long have you had this?” I told him “possibly about 5 years” I was expecting him to think I was crazy to wait so long to have it checked.
He then smiled and said “Good!” I asked “How can that be ‘good’??” he then told me “Well, that means it is NOT cancer, if it was cancer it would be growing quickly and would have progressed much further.” he then took my mom’s heart rate and my heart rate and escorted us back out into the waiting room.
Once at the desk, he said “Do you want us to call and tell the people you will be coming?” his receptionist was right on it already dialing, but we said no. When we were on the way out, he was acting absent minded again and said he was as old as Methuselah.
Me and mom didn’t know who Methuselah was at the time and both thought he was meaning some type of Greek God or something. When we got home we were pleasantly surprised to find it was the name of the oldest guy in the bible! ☺
One day my leg started hurting me really bad after getting out of the shower. I couldn’t walk another step so I plopped strait down onto my mom and dad’s bed. Unable to move due to the pain, I cried and I cried and asked God why. “Why me? Why do I have to have this pain? Why can’t things be easier..” Then I felt him ask me what I wanted for my birthday. I was kinda excited because my birthday was coming.
I thought in my head, ‘Peace..’ Then I thought oh no, no, no!
I am going to ask for something good. (I felt like Solomon… when God asked him what he wanted, He asked for wisdom.) So I then said in my head, wait a minute let me think.
I then answered that I wanted complete Wholeness; Mind, Body & Spirit. I felt him smile, but then a strange dread came over me and I felt like I was going to have to go through A LOT in order to get that… But God knew it and wanted me to do it anyways.
After awhile the pain subsided and I was able to go about my day.
(2007) After awhile God started leading me into eating healthier. Now, I thought I was eating really healthy. We ate a lot of organic, but a lot of it was frozen meals due to our crazy busy business.
Yeah I had black tea every day, but that’s not THAT big of a deal. (so I thought) Somehow God ended up leading me to different information on Candida Yeast and all the different stuff it can do to you if you have an overgrowth of it. To my surprise it could even cause lung issues.
So I went on a ‘Candida cleanse’. I did this by not eating anything sweet for a week & I also took some probiotics and some other things for fighting the yeast.
I thought I was being completely abused by my major diet shift… Little did I know that was only the beginning! ::grin::
That week of ‘Candida cleansing’ helped me to clear up the last remaining lung junk that had been holding on.
I was so excited to have found the cause of my lung troubles!
Over the months I slowly got better. Lungs kept acting up off and on for a long time thereafter, but were a lot better than before the candida cleanse.
Then in the end of June 2008 my mom and I decided to move the house around. We were sick of the furnisher arrangement and decided it was time for a change…
After moving the furnisher my leg started really bugging me. To the point where I said “Well I’m think I should take a day off of it.”.
I took the next day off of it, but then to my dismay I was no longer able to even put my leg down! It would go into excruciating pain.
I then had to sit in bed or sit on the floor of my room for about two months. I was only able to carefully crawl around… I do not wish to share the details in a book, But feel free to ask me.
A few times I had my dad carefully carry me into the living room for a change of scenery, but it was a pretty hard task because he had to be so careful.
During this time I went into extreme study mode, I started researching and reading about different tumor healing diets and implemented them.
This time seemed like it lasted forever…
I couldn’t even take a bath for awhile. Because when I did I would be fine for a time, but then when it was time to get out my leg would go into the most horrible pain and I would end up stuck in the bath tub or stuck on the bathroom floor unable to move. That is, until the pain subsided and I was able to drag myself into my bedroom. But that could sometimes take over an hour…
Now looking back it looks like I may have gotten a ‘hairline fracture’ in my leg, which may have caused some of the worst of the pain. But I am not sure. There was no way I could go to a doctor, I couldn’t really be moved.
Then one day my dad seen a chair we had in the house that had rollers and pointed it out to me. I then was able to roll around in the roller chair around the house, going backwards using my good left leg to push me around.
Then in September I took my ‘first’ ride in the car, it was very weird.
But it felt so nice to leave the house.
A few months later my dad got me a wheel chair from a garage sale. I didn’t want to use it, ‘cause it looked too permanent. So I continued using my chair with wheels. But, My cat Peanut-butter decided it was his favorite chair EVER to sit on, so for weeks it was ‘his spot’.
Until one fateful day, my dad wanted to fix something on the wheel and as he was setting it back up for me to sit on. He pressed down on the chair really hard, breaking the leg of the chair. I freaked out! Then the thought came to me, ‘well I got that wheel chair’… reluctantly I got on the wheel chair, to my surprise, It was nice!
A heck of a lot faster and I could go forward instead of backwards.
I beat up the walls pretty good the first few weeks getting used to it, but after awhile I got really good at it.
5-19-10 natropathic doctor
Finally in may I was so fed up with researching by myself, that I decided I was going to look up all the natural doctors in the area.. in hopes that one may be able to help me research and figure this out.
I found one and God gave me several signs that I was to go to her (I shall leave these out, because I don’t want to state who this doctor was)
I showed her all the supplements I had taken and she started me on her gut healing protocol. I was super excited to finally have some type of PROTOCOL! At first it seemed to help, but after about a month of taking all the stuff, it stopped doing anything and actually started to make my leg hurt.
So I ended up talking to a herbalist, who gave me several products. Her products worked better than what the natropath gave me.
But then after a couple months they started to make my leg hurt more.
I then went back to the natural doctor and she then started going into the psychology side of it. It was interesting and correct in some ways, but in actuality I think my leg issue was causing mild mental stress/issues and not the other way around… lol!
But since she didn’t know how to treat me, she tried to recommended me to a psychiatrist! And refused to help me research or share my case with her contacts. I was extremely frustrated because I felt like I needed someone with a larger knowledge base to help me.
Then I began to research several things and came across ‘estrogen dominance’. I read up on it and it sounded like something I had. I voiced my concern to my doctor and she seemed to disregard it. I finally ended up talking her into having me take a hormone test.
When my test came in, she was on vacation and I had to be scheduled in a couple weeks. I begged her to share it with me over the phone, but she refused. I can’t even explain how mad and frustrated that made me.
Finally my appointment came and I found out my progesterone level was extremely low compared to my estrogen.
She was dumbfounded, because it was worst ratio she had ever seen. So she sold me some progesterone cream and said I should get my cholesterol checked. I got my cholesterol checked a couple weeks later. Surprise, surprise, it was low. (Cholesterol is needed to make hormones)
My last appointment with her I voiced how much I really needed someone to help me and if she wasn’t able to devote time in helping me, then to recommend me to someone else.
She ended up recommending me to a cancer specialist a couple hours away. for one, it was too far.. for two I had already tried cancer protocols, THEY DIDN’T WORK! So I gave up on the idea of finding someone to help me with my research..
I continued using the progesterone cream. Progesterone is one of the precursor hormones that can get converted to all kinds of other hormones, including but not limited to ‘stress hormones’ which help you adapt to daily stress. Over the course of a few weeks I noticed a dramatic difference in my leg pain levels, they were much less and I was starting to be able to handle stress (good and bad) again. What a relief!
Then I figured out it was ESTROGENS that caused a lot of my leg pain. Both healing protocols had some estrogenic things in them that caused my leg it hurt. Further research, I ended up removing all estrogenic things from my diet, low and behold my leg pain disappeared, for the most part! until I ate something estrogenic again.. I became a human estrogen detector.. I can tell if a food item had a type of estrogen in it by the way it affected my leg. Some things had a 24 hour delay. Food diaries helped me to find the culprits..
After watching some stuff my friend roen posted on facebook about tumors. I decided to finally buckle down and research every type of tumor and cyst there was. I got long lists of symptoms and behaviors of every type I could possibly find. I slowly narrowed down the list. Till I found one that fit the description PERFECTLY. It was a tumor called a ‘desmoid tumor’. After coming to this conclusion. I was looking over the paperwork that came with my MRI.. to my surprise. The diagnosis he gave me was a DESMOID TUMOR!!! I couldn’t believe it.. the answer was right there all along, but I couldn’t see it!
I don’t remember all the stuff I learned on tumors, that brain memory space has since gotten over written by other study..
Also in 2010 I decided to go to a nutrition school. And I chose, then graduated from the institute of integrative nutrition.
I then went to another doctor, who recommended high dose magnesium.. I followed the recommendations and got TERRIBLE symptoms…
December 12 2010 I put everything together and started walking again.
I was doing some research, trying to figure out why the magnesium tweeked me out so badly.. I ended up coming to the conclusion of congested liver.. which made sense because of all the cleansing I had done. I did a liver cleansing protocol which was specifically designed to exclude ALL estrogenic herbs. Which made it safe for me to take. I then did a gallbladder flush with lemon juice and olive oil… WOW.. It helped so much!
Once again I was sick and tired of being where I was, I pretty much wasn’t improving.. just staying right where I was at. I searched all my ‘brain files’ searching for what I could do next. What I came up with was cold laser. It had helped me a lot several years ago. So I decided to start researching it.
I then ran into my dad’s sister, who we hadn’t seen in ages. It was a pleasant surprise and we chatted for awhile. Then I mentioned cold laser and then she told me of her chiropractor who does cold laser on my cousin. I was excited and asked for his name. she later sent me all his information and I made an appointment.
He is the best chiropractor ever.
After about a month of doing the cold laser, I started feeling really good, for 2-3 days I was walking a lot and walked really far and felt great.. then I suddenly was hit with a healing crisis. First day my muscles were so sore I could bearly get myself off the couch. Next day I started coughing up this phlem stuff. I then had this deep feeling of my strength returning, which was AWESOME! I hadn’t had that feeling of ‘normal inner strength’ in a long time. I continued to sound worse and worse with the coughing and what-not and sounded like I was totally sick. But I actually felt extremely good and stronger than ever. After not too long, the symptoms subsided and I was left feeling better than ever!
In 2012 I met another chiropractor, who was really into amino acids.. I got on his supplement he raved about, and I amazingly was able to stop using progesterone cream after a month! I had been dependent on using it every day to manage pain levels. Then within the year, I didn’t need the amino acids any longer.. Or any other supplements for that matter!
Then in 2013 I found functional diagnostic nutrition, where I learned how to read hormone panels and labwork. Through their program I started improving even more.
Also over the time from of 2012-2014 I met several other practitioners and experimented with different modalities.. I’ll be writing more of them in my book I’m writing.
And that is a detailed summery of my story..
Some significant changes happened in 2015-2016. In 2015, I came across a new treatment people have been doing to treat desmoids with much success. I went through the process of getting a new MRI and pushed towards receiving this new desmoid treatment. After receiving my new MRI, I was given a new diagnosis. The new one was ‘nerve sheath tumor’, which was completely treatable by surgery, unlike the desmoids. November 20th I went in for surgery to remove the biggest and most painful tumor. They sent it in for a pathology, and it came back with yet again, another diagnosis. ‘Solitary fiberous tumor’, an extremely rare type of tumor, typically ‘solitary’ (only one), which for me, it turns out I had 4! Plus, with this type only 2% of people get them in a limb. So essentially I am the rarest of the rare. I did a little research, and desmoids and solitary fiberous tumors are similar and can be mixed up in diagnosis. So in reality, I still am not completely convinced of my diagnosis, but I am glad the surgery was a complete success. January 28th 2016 I had a second surgery done to remove the second most painful one mid shin. My second surgery was also a complete success. After getting these brats out of my leg, I was able to expand my diet for awhile and eat a lot of things I used to get extreme pain from eating. Then I started working on reigning myself in again, because the other tumors started to become more painful. My next surgery will be for a tumor by my Achilles’ tendon, like the others, the doctor said this one will be an easy surgery. We plan on having the surgery done in fall 2016 sometime. After that, I will decide if I want the final tumor removed, which is located deep in my calf. My doctor has warned me that the surgery would be more difficult with more risks than all the others. I am currently undecided, but with time I will make my choice based on if I can live with the pain level.
Besides my leg, I am slowly working on experimenting with a variety of things. Still working on building up my endurance, as well gaining more flexibility and strength.
I am currently going to school to get my AS in biology and psychology. I am also planning on going to Yoga teacher school, as well as massage school.