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Newsletter ~ December 7 2013

Hello Everyone,
Lots of things have gone on between now and the last newsletter…
For awhile I got focused on building my Web design business, only working on my health studies to continue implementing and experimenting on improving my own health and healing, rather than reaching out and offering my health knowledge and service to others.
But now I’m doing a bit of a reboot. My Web design is going on the back burner and I’m now excited to start focusing more strongly on my passion for reaching out to help people on their healing journeys…
I’m not yet sure what this reboot will end up looking like, but I have lots of ideas brewing…
What’s New?


In the end of 2011 I did a lot of study in ‘mineral balancing’ through Dr. Lawrence Wilson. I have not yet completed his course, because I got sidetracked onto other things, but I’m planning on working on it and completing it soon.
In 2012 I did some study into essential oils, taking a ‘C.A.R.E.’ course where I learned various techniques for using essential oils topically in massage and something called ‘raindrop technique’. All very exciting information, I had no idea that these oils were so powerful and amazing, able to do so many things. Ever since I’ve been playing with them and I hope to set aside some time to learn the science/chemistry of them. I have a book as thick, but not as thin of pages, as the bible filled with such info, just waiting to be absorbed into my brain…
Also in 2012 I took an acupressure class. It was AWESOME. I hope to continue my studies deeper into acupressure as well. I find it extremely fascinating.
The beginning of 2013 I got really interested in learning ‘live blood analysis’, how to read various lab work, as well as how to put the info obtained to good use.
I was researching one day and ended up tripping across ‘FDN’, aka ‘Functional diagnostic nutrition’. After reading a bit on it, I decided to dive into their study course so I could learn their methods and become a ‘FDN Practitioner’.

Their course was better than I thought it would be! They taught me how to read various labwork results, Hormones, Immune system, Detox and Digestion, to understand how people’s systems are functioning at a deep subclinical level. (subclinical, basically means before there are actual acute symptoms present.) I’m really excited to have these new tools available to me that can help find true ROOT causes of issues, enabling me to help people heal themselves at an even deeper level…
No band-aids, true healing only please! Thus far I have been experimenting on myself and the results have been very good. I just need to put more focus on it and not ‘cheat’.. 😉
In 2013 I also started working on putting ‘desmoid tumor’ help and research onto my website. I’m hoping to expand this and possibly create a full program to help people stabilize their condition. I haven’t yet completely gotten rid of the desmoid I have, but it’s extremely stable with minimal pain. (I had been stuck in a wheelchair due to the severe pain it caused. I am now walking & exercising, pushing myself to new levels) As soon as its gone, I’m hoping to be able to make a clear plan for others to follow.
Also worthy of mentioning is I was shown ‘Paul Chek’ and the ‘Chek institute’ by a friend… And I’m very impressed! In fact i even went to a Chek practitioner for awhile who ended up really helping me. That then caused me to get more interested in body mechanics.
Right now I’m currently looking into massage classes at ‘the healing arts institute’ & looking into the Chek institute. I’m extremely interested in learning more about anatomy and physiology. Getting a more balanced full body education, looking a bit more at the macro scale, rather than all micro scale. (macro = big things we see and feel; muscles, bones, posture… Micro = small things we can’t see; hormones, nutrients.. Ect)
And I’m also working on putting the time into finding ways to help YOU and provide you with information and the help you need to reach your health goals… I will keep you updated on the latest…
-your organic coach

BEST Corn Bread

Never mind being gluten free & refined sugar free…. This corn bread is the best!




1 1/2 cups stoneground yellow corn meal (use organic – no GMOs)
1/3 cup coconut flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 cup coconut sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 3/4 cups cream (NO carrageenan & NOT ultra pasteurized)
3 large eggs
1/4 cup coconut oil


I tend to not follow recipe directions.. So just mix it all up how you feel is best, put it in muffin cups and Bake @ 350° till done. 15 mins or so.


I got the base recipe from ‘the prudent wife’ and slightly altered it to fit how I like.


If you’d like to have step by step directions & more pictures, go here to the original recipe:

The picture is also taken from her website.

Newsletter ~ March 2011

Fats, and which ones are making you.

Hello everyone,

How did you read the above title? Did you read it with 1 ‘Fat’ or 2? If your the optimistic type, you read the above title the way it’s written. Which fats are making you? Which ones are building you? But, If you’re the pessimistic type you read it as ‘which fats are making you…Ehem…(fat)’ anyways, something to think about!

One of the most misunderstood food subjects, now-a-days, is the subject of fat. In a world full of ‘low fat’ this and ‘no fat’ that and many people worried about ‘losing fat’. Its not a hard stretch of the imagination for the average person to think fat = fat…But nothing else could be farther from the truth.

Today I will share with you the difference between mono-unsaturated fats, saturated fats, poly-unsaturated fats and the dreaded trans fats!

Prepare yourself…because the truth may just surprise you!


Mono-unsaturated fat:
(Best fats)

Mono-unsaturated fats are mostly found in olives, olive oil and avocados.

Unlike poly-unsaturated fats, mono-unsaturated fats have traditionally been used liberally by some ancient cultures. Olive oil was originally pressed with a large grinding rock and was highly prized.

Mono-unsaturated fats are very good for you and help raise HDL cholesterol transport proteins. AKA good cholesterol (Proteins which take the cholesterol back to your liver to be processed and reused…It helps prevent the cholesterol from getting stuck and rancid in the body, which would be bad.)

Mono-unsaturated sources: olives, olive oil and avocados.

How to tell if it’s mono-unsaturated? Liquid at room temperature BUT semi-solid in the fridge.


Saturated fat:
(Good fats…source dependent)

Saturated fats are mostly found in ‘animal fats’ such as: milk, meat, butter and animal fat. It is also found in some plant sources, like coconut oil. Saturated fats are very important to health.

Also the cholesterol is extremely important for sex hormone and stress hormone production. without stress hormones, we wouldn’t be able to function in every day life and without sex hormones neither you or I would be here…So, you get the idea how important these are!

Saturated fat sources: including, but not limited to;  meat, milk, butter and coconut oil

How to tell it’s saturated? Stays solid at room temperature and in the fridge. (melts with warmth/heat)
Poly-unsaturated fat:
(Good fat/Bad fat)

(mostly bad fat except if it’s in its whole food form)

Naturally found in nuts and seeds. healthy when eaten as a whole food, but harmful when taken in large amounts via ‘vegetable and seed oils’.

Unlike most mono-unsaturated fat sources (like olive oil), many poly-unsaturated fat sources (like soybean oil & corn oil) are extremely hard to press and traditionally were not pressed until modern technology created the tools to do so.

When pressed out of it’s whole food form, it is extremely susceptible to rancidity and very sensitive to high temperatures.

Lucky for us, In the 20th century they figured out a way to keep it from going bad so quickly. Some genius decided to hydrogenate the poly-unsaturated fat to make it more stable like saturated fats… Sadly this process made what is known today as ‘trans-fats’.

note: If you were to freshly press a nut oil and were just adding a bit for flavoring…it would be okay, but if you were to heat it or store it, that would be bad.

Poly-unsaturated fat Sources:  safflower oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, most seed and nut oils.

How to tell if it’s poly-unsaturated? It stays a liquid at room temperature and when it’s in the fridge.


(very bad fat)

Dum, dum, dum… The dreaded trans-fat! Trans-fats are made from an unnatural mixture of poly-unsaturated fats and hydrogen. The brain child of some mad scientist no doubt…Trans-fats are toxic to the body, unusable junk the body has to process and eliminate. Sadly it’s not that simple, on the way out they can cause some serious problems and disrupt many delicate processes…Avoid these at all costs!

Trans-fat Sources: butter substitutes (aka margarine), processed foods, fast food…(do not believe them if they say “no trans-fat” In America they can legally have 1 gram of trans-fat per serving without marking it!)

 How to tell if it’s trans-fat? It acts like saturated fat (stays solid at room temperature and in the fridge)

but it isn’t from animals or coconut oil. It’s not always easy to tell…


The Debunking:

Well the fats…Ehem…FACTS are in! Contrary to the popular belief that was passed around some 50-60 years ago, Poly-unsaturated fats turned into ‘fake saturated fats’ by hydrogenation* are NOT healthier than saturated fats…This ‘lab made’ fat can be found in margarine, butter substitutes, most restaurants, fast food places, especially with fried foods and in most, if not all, processed foods.

*[one of the main differences between saturated fats and poly-unsaturated fats, is that saturated fats are ‘saturated’ with hydrogen.. This is what makes them solid at room temperature. The reason poly-unsaturated fats are bad when unnaturally coupled with hydrogen is because the body does not recognize it.. Because is an UNNATURAL combo!]

Luckily this common belief has been debunked the past several years in the form of “trans-fat awareness”… Yep, it’s trans-fats that I’m talking about! Believe it or not, it used to be thought of as a healthy alternative! Even now with that fact quite widely known. There still is one equally crazy theory that’s been hanging around, that needs to be debunked, that is this relatively ‘new finding’ that saturated fat is bad.

Not many people realize it now-a-days, but human kind has relied on saturated fats throughout all history. Milk, eggs, coconut oil and animal fats. All of these food items have been found to be consumed in the most healthiest of cultures, ancient and ‘traditional modern’! But in America this type of fat is now condemned as the cause of many health problems.

But, what some people have missed is this. The decline in health has not been due to the rise of the use of saturated fats, which have been shown to be going DOWN. Instead it has been the rise of poly-unsaturated fats, food processing, hormones, pesticides, herbicides and all the other tragedies which have followed the ‘modern mans’ new ways of growing, harvesting and processing food that has brought on this new quick degradation of health we are seeing.
The tragedy of modern ways:

One of the worst modern inventions for health, has been the feed-lot raised and confined animal processing operations. Where animals are fed an unnatural diet and injected with hormones. If you ask me, I would say it wasn’t the saturated fats found in these animal products (dairy & meat) that cause the health problems, but the hormones! (keep an eye out for my future newsletter on hormones)

What about the studies, you say? Most of what we know about the ‘health safety of saturated fats’ has been based upon studies which demonize cholesterol as a cold blooded killer. Which, by the way, has been disproved both by new studies and looking back into the past.

The answer isn’t in new studies, but looking into the past.

The way I look at it…If you do a study with people who are eating the typical American diet.. (standard American diet = s.a.d.) you are not going to get very ‘clean’ results! Just look at what people are eating! How are you suppose to find out what’s healthy when your testing it out on a chronically unhealthy population? If you take away the junk and made them eat vegetarian, of course they’re going to feel better! By doing that you take away a huge load of toxins and hormones.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the best diet for those who seek optimum health. For that, I believe, you must look back into the past…into whole cultures.. Who were the healthiest and longest lived people? No, Our ancient ancestors did not die in their 40s! That is based off of ridiculous statistics that included newborn baby deaths, which sadly was high due to unclean conditions and other complications. Many lived and WORKED well into their hundreds, Yes that’s right! Many were physically active well into their old age. (which sadly is not the case for many people now-a-days.)

And that’s the ‘skinny’ on fats.. ::grin::

Your Personal Organic Coach,



Newsletter ~ February 2011

No body loves you more, then your liver!

Hello everyone,
If you tend to judge who loves you by how much they do for you.. Then I got news for you! Did you know, that YOUR liver is one of the hardest working things around? From removing toxins, digesting good fats, regulating hormones, your liver tends to work on overtime! And as if that wasn’t enough, it does everything it does just FOR YOU! So you can function in everyday life.. Yes, that’s right! But I have to ask, are you returning its affections?

Unreturned affections:

Just like relationships, our health needs to be cultivated and continually worked on.
Or else things can go a bit haywire! This is especially true for our livers, one of our most important organs.
Sure, our liver can take a daily beating with the consent bombardment of fried foods, inorganic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, alcohol, sugar and caffeine. (no where near being a complete list) but after awhile our livers, figuratively, stand up and say enough is enough!
In the form of, but not limited to issues such as, liver congestion, gallbladder issues, fatty liver, constipation, belly bulge or belly fat, hormonal issues and much much more! In fact, liver issues can be far reaching and can pop up as some seemingly completely unconnected issues, such as neck and shoulder pain! So what do you think? Is your liver begging to be noticed?

The liver is responsible for many vital functions. Some of which are:

Bile production and excretion (bile is what helps you absorb good fats, which are very important for many cell functions. It also helps lubricate the intestine making it easier for things to pass through. Therefor bile is an very important substance!)

Metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Enzyme activation

Storage of glycogen, vitamins, and minerals (glycogen = glucose = energy)

Blood detoxification and purification

The removal of excess estrogens, environmental and biological

In fact, The liver is the most important organ after the heart!
But, with all these important functions, the liver is often exposed to a large number of things. Which makes it one of the organs most subject to injury.

How to begin loving your liver,
What to avoid if you want to keep a happy liver:

1. Trans fats which are created from hydrogenated oils. avoid anything that says ‘hydrogenated’ (which interfere and mess up regular fat metabolism, which is extremely important for your health)

2. ‘Artificial sweeteners’ (which are treated like toxins)

3. ‘High fructose corn syrup’ taxes your liver and causes insulin resistance)

4. Avoid or limit alcohol 

5. Refined grains (white flour)

6. White sugar (your liver has to convert all the extra sugar into fat storage)

7. Seek out alternatives to any medications (drugs are extremely hard on the liver)

For helpful tips and links to websites for liver cleansing, or have any questions, feel free to email me.

You Personal Organic Coach,

Newsletter ~ January 2011

Introducing the new Organic Coach newsletter!

Hello everyone,

Happy new year! I am expecting to see many exciting things come to pass this year.
I hope you are too!

Some things I plan to work on
and expand this year are:

1. Holistic Desmoid Research
2. Organic Coach, Health counseling.
3. And this newsletter!

Holistic Desmoid Research:
For those of you who are not already in the know. I have been dealing with a desmoid tumor on my right leg for the past several years. Which ended up making me bed ridden for a couple months, then dependent on a wheelchair for 2 1/2 years. This is one of the main things that caused me to dive head first into the world of nutrition. (no worries.. I’m out of that chair and walking now! Thank you Lord!)

As some of you already know, I tend to go against the flow of conventional thinking.

Being able to Trust God’s guiding hand and yielding to his leading is something i personally wouldn’t be able to live without and when he obviously closed the door to conventional means of dealing with the desmoid and opened doors to learning alternative medicine, i was on it without hesitation. Years of searching and 3 years of hard core digging has now allowed me to attempt to piece together the ‘desmoid puzzle’. From this i have now birthed ‘Holistic Desmoid Research’.

My hope is that this organization will allow people to take their health into their own hands and know that they do indeed have another option to the conventional cutting, burning and drugging which has seemed to be the only option for countless people.

Organic Coach, Health Counseling:
I believe our bodies were designed to function in a perfect state of balance.
When this state is compromised by unnatural things in our
environment and foods, I believe God has placed things on this earth to help us to regain this balance, naturally.. No cutting, burning or labs required! (labs are helpful in finding out exactly what we need to find this balance. But i say leave the healing substances whole, in their natural form.. We don’t need labs to make medicines.. God already made them perfect!)

Even though God has made a better way, there still is alot of learning, change of thought and work needed on our part to get back to our natural balanced state.

Anyways, with that said. I believe God has made a way to bring any ‘body’ back into balance and once that body is in balance.. There are no more diseases, pain OR desmoids!

My goal, is to help people on the journey back to their balanced state.

And what that journey looks like, is just as individual as the person. There’s no guessing what each person needs, each of us must walk it out. But lucky for you, I’m here to help!

I have yet to know exactly how i am going to use this newsletter,
and what it will turn into.
But this I can assure you, it will be interesting to see where this all goes.

Your Personal Organic Coach,