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Desmoid tumors

Experimental Protocols to be posted soon!


The 2 keys I have found that have helped me with the desmoid are:
1. Hormone balance
2. Reducing/getting rid of inflammation


Hormone balance:
1. Avoiding estrogens in food
2. Avoiding estrogenic chemicals
3. Avoiding estrogenic metals
4. Topical application of progesterone
5. Amino acids – full body hormone balancing


Reducing/getting rid of inflammation:
1. Avoiding inflammatory foods
2. Adding anti-inflammatory supplements


Supportive therapies:
1. Cold laser
2. Ultrasound
3. Candida/Yeast elimination
4. Full body support with whole food supplementation
5. Supporting the bodies natural detox channels
6. Systemic Enzymes
7. D3 supplementation
Disclaimer: this information is meant for educational purposes only, it is not in any way meant to be taken as a means of diagnosis, treatment or cure of a disease. I am not held liable for the use, disuse or misuse of this information.


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